Gábor Zsigmond

I'm a software developer, so I can confirm it works by magic. To save time, let's just also assume that I am never wrong.

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Never was a man of big words, even more the case when in need of talking about myself. As a true programmer, I think in 0s and 1s (so I either like you or I don't, bits can flip sometimes). Organization is important, so I like my zeros and ones at their exact place.

As a kid my dream was to become a fighter pilot, but the furthest I managed to get were gliders, and in the end I landed at a desk with only 2 monitors.

I was encouraged to work a significant job that makes a difference in the world, no matter how small. Being a software developer is something I am proud of, making softwares others can use in various life situations is fun (OK, not so during updates). I like diversified projects, not dealing with only one programming language makes sure I don't get bored easily. Repetitious tasks kill me.

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